ASOVA was built as an non-profit association in August of 2012, when a small group of olive growers got together with the purpose of achieving the designation of origin, obtained in June of 2016. As of October 6, 2017, ASOVA is constituted as a trade association, changing its name to ASOVA A.G.


ASOVA is an association of 25 olive growers from the Azapa Valley in the Region of Arica and Parinacota, Chile, which is working to obtain a representative identity among the local and national community of olive growers. It promotes the consumption of olives and it’s derivatives in the community, informs about the benefits of this product, and also transmits information about the benefits and duties in the correct use of the designation of origin (DO).

For ASOVA, it is really important and unavoidable that the work of the olive growers from the Azapa valley develops through a mutual relationship of collaboration, that will contribute to the development, progress and prestige of this activity, towards the international positioning of Azapa valley as a leader producer of table olives in Chile.


The association of olive growers from the Azapa Valley seeks to represent, support and protect all the growers and producers of high quality olives and all the companies that elaborate, pack and commercialize this product. It’s goal is also to defend their legitimate interests and protect them from bad practices and incorrect use of the designation of origin.

The association looks to become the biggest reference for the industry and consumers, as well as the best labor-union option for producers and exporters of olives of the valley.
If you are a producer, we hope you share our concerns and understand that ASOVA is a fundamental tool that will help with the prosperity of our sector.