Geographic denomination
In context to save the value of this preparation, we can proudly highlight the recently designation of origin of the olive from Azapa.

This typical product from the region gained its designation of origin after that the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) gave them the registration, in a similar way as the lemon of Pica did.

This denomination is a triumph for the regional identity considering the last four failed attempts during the last 20 years.
This initiative allows to protect the olive grower from the Azapa valley, no matter the size of the company because it’s product will be recognized from the national to the international level, without a malicious use under the name of Azapa olive. There are several types of olives each one with its own characteristic colour, texture and flavor. The olives that are cultivated and processed in this valley have their own flavor, size, colour and consistency. They are prepared in four different ways, according to the traditional practices in that zone of the country.

The olive growers association from the Azapa valley

It is born as an association of olive growers. Their passion and dedication for this noble tree and its fruit are the base of this association founded in 2012. ASOVA has been a meeting point for traditions, family and history around the olive tree and the olive.

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Azapa Valley Km 11